The most important thing to understand when you want to rank your website better on Google is search engine optimization. Understanding how crucial SEO is to increase your website traffic and brand awareness among users is essential. Every second, thousands of searches are made on google related to your nosiness, and to direct those searches toward your website, you need SEO. This is the reason search engine optimization is essential for your growing business. There are different steps for SEO to rank your website from number 0 to 1 so it appears on top of Google searches. Once your website appears on top, that means more traffic leading to more conversions and ultimately more revenue for your business.

Steps to Increase your Google Ranking Through SEO

If you want to increase your ranking on Google, you need to have knowledge of SEO and how SEO optimization of your website works. These steps that you need to follow are:

SEO Audit of Your Website

The first step that you need to do is to perform an SEO audit of your website. It will help you know that why you are not getting traffic to your website and why your conversion is low. After the SEO audit of your website, you can work on the issues of your website SEO and rank better.

Create Landing Pages Using SEO

A well-designed professional landing page can help you generate leads and sales for your website. The more the landing pages, the more lead generation for your website. This will create gateways for more traffic to your website.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Using SEO for your mobile website can bring in more customers to your website. These days it’s essential to have a mobile website because most of the users log in through Mobile.

Write a Minimum of 1500 Words on a Website

The ranking of the website on google can be improved by adding SEO-optimized content on your website that is at least 1500 words. This can help the search engine know what your website is about. A higher word count can make your website go up in Google ranking. We have a team of experienced content writers to take your site to number one.

Use of Keywords

Use specific keywords on your website that can help you rank your website better. The use of SEO optimization of content plus using particular keywords can help you rank your website better.

You can use these different ways to rank your website number 1 on Google to bring in more traffic to the website.

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