The holiday season is a prime time for business owners and marketers to promote goods, create new campaigns, and gain insight into their customer’s buying behaviour. With individuals shopping for friends, family, and loved ones, a great holiday campaign will get your brand noticed and increase sales.


This year more than ever, people are going online to buy presents. With the right website, social media, email campaigns, and ads, your business will get noticed over your competitors!

Here are 5 Ways to Excel at Holiday Marketing in 2021: 


1. Plan. Plan. Plan.

To avoid stress during the holidays, plan your campaign a few months out in advance. This will allow you to sort out any issues along the way. Develop a creative concept using your business theme, colours, and design, and consider the emotions a consumer will feel when looking at a campaign. Also, focus on a few primary products or services.

2. Use email marketing campaigns to send promotions and offers.

Email marketing is an essential part of planning holiday sales and promotions. Email campaigns show up in the consumer’s mailbox with your business information, promotions, theme, and products/services. This is a stellar way to attract a customer to your website.

3. Appeal to emotions, connect loved ones or give back to communities.

Consider how your audience will feel when they look at your holiday campaign. Are you appealing to customers’ emotions with colours, images, and designs? Choose a goal of your campaign and stick with it to appeal to a niche audience.

4. Be persistent with your marketing.

Make your marketing material unified by deciding what you want to include in your campaign and stick with it. Are you offering a percentage off your entire store, a gift with purchase, a portion of proceeds go to charity, or something else? Do you want blog posts written, infographics, stories, newsletters, abandoned cart emails, or more made?

5. Track your data.

The holiday season is a fantastic time to see how many people visit your site, how much your social media engagement has changed, and how many consumers are following through with purchases.

The holiday season is the best time for increased sales, traffic, and customer loyalty. You will show up on more web pages by promoting your business through social media, ads, and websites.

If you want to develop a campaign but don’t know where to start, Aqua Fire Marketing is here to help! Reach out today for a free quote on services.