Are you a small business in Peterborough looking for web design services?

Creating a website for your small business is key for clients/customers to find you. Having a simple, straight forward and easy-to-use site creates a positive experience for those who visit.  

Today, you will learn what exactly makes a good small business website.

Choose an appropriate domain name.

Firstly, create a website name that is short and easy to spell, without numbers or hyphens. This will make things easier for potential customers to find you when searching the web.

Try to always make the ending a .com name as opposed to .net, .co, .org, etc. (unless appropriate). Make sure it is memorable and if you expand your business, the domain will still fit.

Use a secure and stable website hosting service and ecommerce site/extension.

There’s nothing worse for a small business than having customers enter their website, just to leave 10 seconds later because it is lagging or crashes. These customers are likely to not come back because of the unstable website.

Choose a good website host like WordPress, GoDaddy, Wix, or BlueHost. These website hosting services ensure good bandwidth, reliability, security and customer support.

Clearly describe your business.

Can the visitor clearly see a menu tab with all the information they need? Do these pages take them directly to the answer they want?

It is important to have a clear and concise description of your business on your homepage. Include your business logo, goals, values, services, about, contact, etc.

Use keywords to optimize searches.

Maintain and update your website frequently.

It is important to continuously update your website with new quality content like blogs, updated news, announcements and new products/services. By maintaining your web design, customers will enjoy their browsing experience.

Make your site attractive and engaging. 

Your small business website should be engaging, interesting and leave a memorable impression on visitors. This can be done through shapes, colours, fonts and images.

After reading this you may be overwhelmed by website design for your small business. That’s why we are here. At AquaFire Marketing, we have experts in web design services. If you are looking for Peterborough web design services, reach out today by calling 905-260-8410 or email asutch@aquafiremarketing.com.