Some people believe they are doing a good job posting on social media and sharing information to their target audience. In reality, your page might not be growing as you’d like to see it grow. Here, you will learn the importance of posting consistently to your platforms.

Social media algorithms and layouts are constantly changing and evolving. As they continue to improve, businesses and services must learn along with them.

To post consistently, it will depend on how large your following is and how fast you want to grow. By uploading posts and stories to your account, with hashtags that are relevant and trending, more consumers will be able to find your business or service.

In order to find out which social media account is best to reach your goal, you must consider all options. Popular platforms include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Snapchat.


» A great place to post photos and videos about your business and customers. Any one is able to scroll through your page, view your posts, like, comment and share them. 


» A platform to post short updates and information for your customers. People can like, retweet and share posts to their audience.


» A great platform for businesses who specialize in niche audiences. This platform is great to post about your business, follow people and groups who are interested in the same hobbies and share information.


» One of the best business platforms to post updates and share with other businesses and fellow professionals.


» This platform is best when wanting to use influencers and share video content. This platform can take longer to build a following, but once you have built a strong audience, the payoff is well worth it.

Considering the time that you are posting is key. If you are targeting working adults or parents, you will want to post later in the evening as that is when they will have time to take a break and check their accounts.

 If you are selling a product, posting early in the morning is more beneficial as that is when most people first check their platforms. Once they see your product, they may think about it throughout the day and come back to it.

 Once you are posting consistently, you will only strengthen and grow your brand.

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